Barnets Hair Salon
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The Team



Our Barnets team has been selected for their individual style and their unique ability to translate their knowledge into a hairstyle or hair colour tailored to you. Classic or cutting edge, male or female, our modern and relaxed approach to hair will make you feel your best. 

All our colourists are fully trained in the revolutionary new hair treatment Olaplex which reconnects the hair bonds broken by colouring , bleaching , lightening and overstyling. 


Massimo Citriniti - Director 

"I truly believe that changing your hair is the easiest and most effective way to enhance your appearance. Its all about the cut, the craftsmanship, the precision and the structure that is required to deliver an amazing haircut, which I take pride in. I enjoy working with my clients to meet their needs and also to offer them new suggestions for styles that they may never have considered which could transform their look. You can always guarantee a fantastic result as long as you connect and communicate well with the client." 


Emily Cataldo - Director 

"Hair needs to be wearable, effortless and chic. To achieve this, you have to understand structure. The cut is technical as well as artistic. I always explain to my clients why I am doing what I am doing, so they have an understanding of the process. The consultation is vital, I spend a lot of time and effort in understanding the client and their hair. My technical understanding means that I enjoy working with hair that a lot of stylists would say is difficult. Whether it's curly, fine or thick, there's always a technical approach and strategy that will make the client look amazing. There's a real kick when a client loves what you've done, particularly when they've never been satisfied with how their hair has looked in the past."